x–plane aircraft designs and enhancements by sean tebor



This is the little repository of much creative outflow by one x-plane enthusiast by the name of sean tebor. All he wanted some years ago was to find a good flight simulation for the Mac, and after researching the possibilities, he discovered Austin Myers' suite of cross–platform simulation software programs and creative tools. Packaged with the x-plane software is an excellent tool for designing aircraft called Plane Maker, which allows anyone virtually limitless capacity for experimentation in creating any flying machine imaginable. This was the tantalizing thread that sean discovered, which he followed into the world of aircraft design, from which he has learned so much.

This is the home of the evenblade, the plane that has received such a warm welcome from so many x-plane enthusiasts. Please be patient with the release of aircraft and related resources. Final projects are the culmination of countless hours of tedious, painstaking work. As x-plane gets more capable and complex, designing becomes more involved. Betas of aircraft are presented here, as they slowly make their way to being finalized. Enjoy!