x–plane aircraft designs and enhancements by sean tebor

evenblade 8.60

constant evolution

This latest generation of the evenblade is a refined aircraft, brought up through the continuing evolution of the x-plane simulator, to current 8.60 status. The evenblade continues to enjoy much appreciation as a project crafted completely from intuition and imagination, resulting in an aircraft design that strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal, performance, and function. Nearly every part of the evenblade was created from scratch, including the general planform design, instrument panel, interior, sounds, and the multitude of paint schemes. The evenblade serves as a pure creative outflow of aerospace dreaming, given structure and form by the complexity and dynamism of the simulation for which it was made.

almost a reality

This version of the evenblade features refinements extended from the development process that almost took a jet powered variant of the aircraft to market in the real world. Examples are the new glass, the modified fuselage, engine and weight calculations, and much more. The landing gear has been fully updated and features custom moving struts and support arms that move with the suspension. The panel is expanded and features a custom nav system, complete with FMS and GPS systems. A prop sync switch has been added, along with many other details requested by those in the x-plane community. The internal 3D cockpit object has been dropped for sake of frame rates and lack of development time, but it may return in future versions.