x–plane aircraft designs and enhancements by sean tebor

evenblade 8.60

depth of detail

The latest additions to the evenblade for update to 8.60 are many. The revised instrument panel received new custom FMS and GPS elements, and the updated EFIS system takes full advantage of the flight director controlled, fully articulated autopilot guidance system. The mechanical horizon was updated to also support the flight director autopilot control, and both EFIS and mechanical horizons feature new enhanced sky and ground colors for better in-service detail visibility and quick feedback. Several small but necessary enhancements were made to the center console, including new throttle handles and other refinements. The eight-way interior views were reworked slightly for consistency in detail and perspective.

Externally, many details were added, including lighting housing pods for the beacons and tail light. The ventral fin was reworked, as were many of the wing elements, to give better overall performance with increased aesthetic appeal. The gear received a complete and complex upgrade, with multiple armatures and detailed paint. The paint shop was busy with this latest version, adding many new optional liveries, for variety and personalization of your evenblade experience.